PapaPotatoe, Rayola, Sara Ray, Sociological/Psychology

“The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved In Return”: Love After Heartbreak

How many times can one heart break and keep on beating?

Heartbreak feels just as it sounds; a crippling ache in the soul, an empty void of nothingness stripping away everything you once were. It can be so traumatic that it requires every bit of strength you possess just to keep from collapsing to the floor. Or it can present itself in a more quiet, reserved kind of apathy and hardening of the heart.

No one ever willing puts themselves through that suffering, yet we do it all the time. Even after failing in the past and knowing the consequences we keep trying like powerless moths, drawn to the flame.

Because people need people, right? It’s a common theory. But do we really? Yes, we do. We desire closeness, to share ourselves with others, to confide in others, to have somebody to listen to our trivial rantings, to give us advice on what to do.

All anybody really wants in life is to be heard, understood, remembered, needed, and loved.

But it’s so much easier not to care. Or at least we trick ourselves into believing that’s true. We seek to be independent, to not need anything from anyone but ourselves. Yet no matter how confident we are, we always seem to come crawling back to those few essentials desires.

To love with all your heart and be loved that way in return is the best feeling in all the world. Keeping ourselves from love for fear of pain is a natural reaction to a broken heart but it’s the easy way out. Being able to come back for more pain, now that’s what requires true strength.

It might be easier not to care but it’s incredibly hard to commit to. Continuing to care after heartbreak is what’s truly commendable.

So how many times can one heart break and keep on beating? The answer is ultimately up to you.