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Time Helps But Does Not Heal



Can you live with a broken heart? Can you love again after you’ve lost? I really don’t know.

They say that time heals all wounds but I don’t believe that’s true. I say, rather, that each trauma is a weight on your shoulders, never to be removed. More weights are tacked on throughout life until you are riddled with so many burdens you think you’ll surely crumble under the pressure. But don’t worry, you won’t. The burden never lifts but you become stronger over time having to suffer the weight. The more pain you go through, the stronger you become. Life is a series of trials and tribulations, not as a test to see if you’re strong but rather as a requirement.

You’re stronger than you think.

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Hello, WordPress, I’m Sara. It’s nice to meet you.

As introductions go, my name is Sara (Sara Ray or just Rayola sometimes, too, as a not so clever alias). I am an aspiring writer yet I do nothing to accomplish this goal. I guess I should leave off the aspiring part but I don’t feel comfortable with that unless there are sarcastic quotation marks around the word “writer” (like that). It really bothers me that I feel this way but what can you do? Everybody’s a “writer” these days.

As for me, all I do all day is sit at my computer and write screenplays or fiction stories that I hope to one day turn into novels/movies. I do this for my enjoyment and nobody else’s. Even if I did happen to finish a full concept without switching to a new one first- whether screenplay, novel, or otherwise- I don’t think I’d ever have the nerve to get any of them published. Though I would like that very much I am modest, too modest for my own good. And I hate self-promotion; I don’t like to think that who I am or what I can do is any better than anybody else (a huge detriment to me getting a job, let me tell you- that and the nocturnal thing).

That is the main reason for this “blog” (I especially hate that word): not to be “published” as an audition for a future job necessarily but to put myself out there in some small way. And though it’s probably highly unlikely anyone will see this (let alone someone who could make my ideas a reality in either film or print), I will continue to do it anyway, for fun, for me. I won’t share my fiction but rather my sociological thoughts, probably cynical and contradictory in nature because that’s the way I see things, with a little random history of my own thrown in for good measure. Also probably some insane writings to and from myself. If anyone reads it, I hope they enjoy.

P.S. As a warning: I overuse punctuation (probably not even grammatically accurate).